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Tudou logo on Ho-Pin Tung’s Indy500 car

Ho-Pin Tung with Tudou logo on his Indy500 car

In just over a week Ho-Pin Tung will be the first Chinese race car driver to participate in the Indianapolis 500. And guess what? Tudou’s logo will be featured on his car! Very cool, many thanks to Ho-Pin and his team for helping to make this deal.

Tudou logo on Ho-Pin Tung's car at the 2011 Indy500

And that’s not all, Tudou will send some of its reporters to follow Ho-Pin Tung around the Indy 500 race and the footage will of course be put exclusively on Tudou. So if you want to know more about how Ho-Pin prepares for this race or get his reaction after the race come to

This is actually not the first time that one of the companies I am involved in works with Ho-Pin Tung. Back in 2006 the logos of (now Spil Games’ Chinese mobile game website) and were featured on Ho-Pin’s Formula 3 race car. And in 2008 we even made a flash racing game for Ho-Pin, you can still play it here in English and here in Chinese.

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  1. Yep, saw it after it happened. Luckily Ho-Pin is okay, but he was not allowed to drive yet on Sunday.

  2. That was too bad about Ho-Pin. We are the first Chinese owned team, and we have Marchy Lee as our driver. Would love to talk to you about Tudou supporting the team!