Ho-Pin Tung in 2008 GP2 and his own racing game

Last week the Dutch-Chinese race car driver Ho-Pin Tung announced that he will race in both the Asian GP2 and the European GP2 for the Trident team. That means he will participate in a total of 31 races in 2008! Spill Group Asia would like to congratulate Ho-Pin Tung, and wish him lots of success during the 2008 season. We are also very happy to see our main Chinese website on his official 2008 helmet! Ho-Pin, we hope to see you in our office again the next time you are in Shanghai.
Coincidentally, this weekend Spill Group launched a Ho-Pin Tung flash race game on all of its worldwide portals. It’s a free racing game (all our games are for free), in which you can not only race a total of 7 cups with high scores, but even create your own race track. Quite a difficult game actually, at least for me: I played it several times over the past days but I did not manage to win once. If you want to give it a try, the English version can be found here, and the Chinese version is here.

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  1. Hi Marc

    I have a question for you, I’m searching for a paid internship in Shanghai summer 2008, and was wondering if you know any places that are searching for those?
    And also at what time should I apply? Is february too early?

    Thanks a lot!

  2. Great I can finally play this game! A fact people always laugh at me; I’m a lady but I love car racing games VERY VERY much. One of my favourite one is the Redline Rumble at Shockwave.

    I’m not really a seasoned game player, I just love simple, light-weighted and not-too-hard games for some relaxation and amusement.

    Cool. I’ve just tried the game for a few seconds (well, I’m working in the office now…so got no time for that) but I’ll surely try the whole game when I’ve got more time.

    By the way, how does Spill Group profit if they’re just offering free games? Through Advertisements?

  3. @shopgirl: I am not really into how-to-find-an-internship, but with your popular blog it should be easy to find one. Just write a blog post about it.

    If I look at my own company, we normally do not hire interns more than 2 months in advance. But multinationals probably plan longer in advance.

    Last year a friend of yours got an internship at our company within days after applying. However, she also left within days because she ‘did not like to work the whole day’. She just did not show up anymore, and only after I called her she told me she would not come back (with the excuse that she could not reach me).

    I assume you have a different working attitude 🙂 And I hope for your friend that I won’t meet her again in business life, I’ll make sure she’ll have a hard time.

    @cintia: This seems the right game for you then: simple and light-weighted. Spill Group focuses on generating traffic, and indeed gets most of its revenues from advertising.

  4. haha, my blog is not really popular anymore 🙁

    Thanks for the info!