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Tudou launches real time HTML5 video transcoding

Tudou launches real time encoding of all videos for mobile platforms

After last week’s Spil Games’ announcement that the company launched HTML5 mobile game websites on all of its portals and is putting its full weight behind HTML5, this week it is Tudou’s turn to announce an important HTML5 development. If you want to watch one of Tudou’s over 40 million videos on a mobile device, the video will be automatically real time (!) transcoded, using HTML5 and HTTP live streaming. The technology is now in open beta for Symbian, Android and Windows Mobile and in closed beta for the iPhone and iPad.

Globally Tudou is the first video website rolling out real time video trans-coding access to its complete video library. YouTube, for example, announced some HTML5 support, but so far not for all of its videos. Tudou believes that HTML5 video rendering will become the next major protocol delivering video content across multiple platforms. Good to see that once again Tudou is leading innovation in the video space, not only in China but worldwide!

In the meantime, Tudou is gradually launching the Tudou Mobile Widget 2.0 across Symbian, Andriod, Windows Mobile, iPhone, iPad, Java and Bada platforms.

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  1. App looks nice on my Android but unfortunately can’t read it. Speed is okay although here in NL, could be faster ofcourse. But it looks faster to me than when i open the normal Tudou website.
    Any plans to host the site and video also outside China for overseas Chinese?