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SPIL GAMES Champions HTML5 to Drive the Mobile Gaming Revolution

Spil Games LogoI believe that HTML5 will become the new standard for online games, especially for games that you play on a mobile device. No more need to download apps, but play them directly in your browser. And also no more wars between Apple and Flash, because HTML5 can be played in a browser on any device, even on an iPhone or iPad.

Spil Games, which has grown into the world’s largest online casual gaming company, believes HTML5 will be the future standard and has decided to put all its efforts behind it. Today we launched HTML5 mobile game sites on all our portals, except for our sites in China and Japan that will follow in September. This means that if you have an Android or iPhone and visit one of our sites (for example you will see our HTML5 gaming portal in your mobile browser. Spil Games also organizes a HTML5 developer contest with a total of USD 50,000 in prizes for the best HTML5 games, for details see

Below the picture is the press release that we are sending out right now:

Spil Games mobile portals


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