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Adobe loves Apple – or not?

Adobe spent some major money today on ads to tell the world about its dispute with Apple. Not only appeared an ad below almost every tech related post in my Google Reader, but on every TechCrunch post that I clicked on in my RSS feed a pop-up ad from Adobe appeared. I did not even know that pop-up ads still existed outside China, and I certainly had not expected TechCrunch to sell them. I guess they felt they would get away with one like this, and they were right – I even blog about it now…

In case you don’t follow the tech news as much as I do, in short the background of the story is that Steve Jobs does not allow Flash to run on its iPhone/iPad platform. It does not even allow original Flash applications to be changed to iPhone/iPad apps. Adobe, the owner of Flash, is not amused of course because a significant part of their business is at risk: Not only will it hurt their CS5 sales (that can among others be used to port Flash to an iPad app), but worse is that because of Apple’s stance more and more platforms are now announcing support for HTML5.

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