Dunkin' Donuts further delays opening of its first Shanghai store

Dunkin’ Donuts was supposed to open today in Shanghai, so after lunch I decided to drop by at their store. But when I got there it turned out that the store was still not open, despite the fact that last Sunday their employees told me it would open today.

I went into the store and talked to two of their managers who were on site. They told me that it would take ‘maybe 3 weeks’ before they would open. They did not explain why. The store seemed ready to go to me, the only thing still missing were the donuts and coffee.

Dunkin’ Donuts should have opened in the spring already, but that was postponed until this week. And now the opening was postponed even further. Kind of strange. Maybe they use imported machines that are stuck in customs? Or maybe they did not get their license yet? Nobobody knows, but I am sure they will eventually open.

The good news is that the managers also told me that 3 more stores will open before the end of the year, and next year another 5 will open their doors. I hope for them that they will manage to open those stores on time.

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  1. Marc,

    I hope they will open soon just for you 😀
    Out of curiosity I just had a look at their website, sure, their donuts do look pretty nice and tasty, but I’m really impressed and inspired by the kind of brand they’ve been able to build by selling donuts!
    Btw, I had almost 5 pounds of sweet fruits today. You know fruits are far less calorie dense than those lovely donuts, so I’ve got to make sure I get enough calories to burn for the day 😉 take care!

  2. Have you never thought about the possibility that this has to do with the global economic downturn? After all, there are ships that can’t deliver their goods because the letters of credit aren’t being accepted.

    I would be really interested if you notice anything of the economic problems in China?

  3. Already have seen pissed customers writing bad comments against the place on Seems the staff there do not tell the message “we are not open yet” clearly in Chinese…