A new challenge: Trailwalker Hong Kong

I need challenges in my life. A life that is predictable and similar every day is something I cannot handle. My daily work is quite a challenge already, but I set myself a goal three years ago that I also want to have a real physical challenge once a year. The first year I ran the Shanghai marathon, and last year the Macau one (both within 4 hours). This year the Tibet bike trip was a major challenge, and for next year Gary and I are thinking about climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain.

It looks that there might be another physical challenge ahead as well. I told Marcel Ekkel that if he would be able to secure an entry to next year’s Hong Kong Trailwalker, I would join him. I just got this Twitter message from him:

In case you have not heard about the Hong Kong Trailwalker, this is an annual event in which teams have to run/walk the 100 km MacLehose Trail in Hong Kong. The trail is mainly through the hills, and in order to do it in a reasonable time you have a good preparation. Teams have 48 hours to cover the distance (all 4 team members have to reach the finish line), but of course we want to do it a lot faster than that. I look forward to this Marcel, thanks a lot!

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