Additional Gmail storage, finally!

Next to my Spill Group email account, I have been using Gmail for most other messages. Problem is that I send and receive so many mails that my 2.7 GB Gmail account was full within one year already. I solved this by deleting the oldest mails every few weeks, but the problem kept coming back. Google automatically increased capacity by only a few MB per week, and that was not enough for my email behavior.

For a long time I hoped that Google would allow me to buy additional storage space, but because this did not happen I finally decided to delete thousands of mails in July. And what happened? Right after that Google announces that you can buy additional storage (USD 20/year for 10 GB). Great…

My idea was to buy more space the moment the problem would reoccur, but when I checked my Gmail account last week I was pleasantly surprised to see that Google increased storage to over 3 GB. Over the weekend I was at 3.9 GB and today the total storage capacity is at 4.2 GB! Not sure where this will end, but it makes me very happy. It hopefully means that I would never have to delete a message anymore in the future (like Google promised when I opened a Gmail account), and that I can find it online on whatever computer or phone I use.

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  1. I checked mine immediately after i read your post and mine too is now all of a sudden at 4.2. Great. I combine the massive amount of mails now with a lot of Facebook mails too. Wonder have far they let us go. 10 gig maybe? Or 11 for shareholder. Although i’m also a Google shareholder:)