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Snow in Amsterdam

After the warm weather in Shanghai earlier this week, I had to adjust a bit to the cold Dutch weather. Yesterday it even started snowing heavily. The authorities issued a weather alarm because of heavy snowfall, and half of all trains in the Netherlands were cancelled. Typical Dutch, it seems the country can not handle extreme weather anymore.

I just read an article in De Telegraaf that said that the weather alarm is actually announced to avoid that people can issue claims to amongst others insurance companies. It seems that the US culture of sueing is slowly entering Holland as well. The Dutch railways love it, and can save some costs by just cutting the train schedule in half. Totally unnecessary, but for purely economic reasons. At 9 AM most trains already stopped riding, even though the snow did not start until lunch time.

But at least the snow made Amsterdam look beautiful. I was mainly inside having meetings at the Casuality gaming conference, but managed to take a few pictures when it just started snowing.

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