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Early spring time

This morning Gary and I did an interview with Dutch magazine Elsevier, and because of the nice weather decided to do it outside in the sunshine. It was really warm on’s roof terrace, at 11 AM I even had to take off my jacket because of the heat.

I just checked the official temperature in Shanghai, at 4 PM it was still 24 degrees Celcius – and it’s only February 6… It’s amazing how quickly cold weather can change into warm weather, and the other way around, in Shanghai. This warm front likely won’t last long either, and will be replaced by much cooler weather soon. But it’s nice to enjoy a short early spring!

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  1. It seems as though this false start of a spring is pretty common in Shanghai. I remember the same thing happening at roughly the same time last year, and then it got bloody cold again.

  2. I enjoy reading your blog, but I think it could be a lot more interesting if you would give more colour and insight into what is happening at tudou. it is very impressive that you have built that company so quickly, but given the competition, the apparent lack of a solid revenue model, expensive operation costs (is it true tudou is burning 4-5m RMB a month, in large part from 2G+ of bandwidth?), and dampened investor sentiment towards web 2.0, it must be an interesting time at the company. It would be fascinating and educational to read how you guys navigate through this, which I am sure you will. Thanks

  3. @anonymous: it is indeed an interesting time at Tudou, but it has been like that from day one. Because Tudou does not want to give its competitors too much information, I don’t write a lot about strategic ideas and operational issues. The competition might also read this blog, and maybe you are even one of them…