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Bund tourist tunnel to close?

I wrote before about the Shanghai tourist tunnel, the somewhat tacky tourist atrraction that takes you from Puxi to Pudong in a small carriage surrounded by sounds and lights.

It seems that not enough people are using this means of transportation, not completely unlogical considering the current entrance price of RMB 30 one-way. So a plan has been developed to turn the attraction into a normal means of commuting. Of course, this means the price would have to be reduced drastically.

I think this is smart, because there are no efficient ways of crossing the river from the Bund to Pudong. The ferries land too far from the main attractions in Pudong (although there is a ferry landing next to the river promenade – but it was never put to use as far as I know), and the subway is no alternative because there is no station close to the Bund. So the only current option is finding a taxi and crossing through the crowded car tunnel.

If this plan indeed becomes reality I hope they will keep the current display of lights and sounds!

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  1. Haha, that tunnel is very cool, i went in it during the holiday in 2004. that day was the last day of our holiday in china.