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Bund Tourist Tunnel

My father arrived in Shanghai last Friday and we had dinner together at Sens and Bund. An exceptionally good restaurant: great location, beautiful interior, fantastic service, and the best Western food in Shanghai – but also one of the highest prices in Shanghai (3 courses plus wine cost us over 1500 RMB/person). As he stayed in the Grand Hyatt we decided to first have a drink at the river front in Pudong before heading to the Bund. To get from Pudong to Puxi you can either get a taxi (impossible on Friday night at 8 PM), take a ferry or go through the Bund pedestrian tourist tunnel. We opted for the last one.

I had taken this tunnel a few years ago when it just opened, and remembered it was different from any tunnel I had ever taken. You go through the tunnel in a small cabin-like train. The tunnel itself is lighted in different moving colors, there are sounds and even two inflatable dolls that are in the middle of the tracks and that are hit by the train. This combined with a dark cabin and some smoke creates a very strange experience. A bit like Walt Disney, but then with a purpose to go from A to B. Tacky? Yes, but it somehow fits to the fast-growing modern Shanghai. I actually like it, it’ s a nice and fast way to go from the new Pudong to the old Puxi.

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  1. wow, that’s so expensive. I tried many meals around 700 per person,but no idea what it will be in the double price.