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Another Satoshi wannabe

Nobody knows who the mysterious creator of Bitcoin is. His pseudonym is Satoshi Nakamoto, but despite people trying to find him for years, nobody ever managed to do so. Some names have resurfaced several times (Nick Szabo for example) and others have suggested that Satoshi was a group of several people working together. I don’t think the real Satoshi will ever surface, he or she or they has/have too much to lose. But some people still try to pretend that they are Satoshi.

One of them is Craig Wright, an Australian who not only managed to fool the BBC and The Economist to believe he was Satoshi (by reusing a signature from an old Bitcoin translation signed by Satoshi Nakamoto), but who is now even suing people (using UK libel laws) who call him a fraud. The thing is that nobody who knows a thing or two about Bitcoin will believe you unless you sign a Genesis address or move some of Satoshi’s coins.

But that does not stop others from giving it a try. Today a most-likely-fake Satoshi Nakamoto started a chain of 3 daily blog posts in which he promises to reveal who he is. In ‘The Reveal’ he writes:

Please join me as I end my anonymity in a three-part daily series “My Reveal” that begins today, Aug. 18 – the 11th anniversary of my registration of the domain name In “My Reveal,” I will divulge such previously unknown facts as the origin of my iconic pseudonym, the status of my 980,000 bitcoins, and my real-life identity. I’ll also introduce Tabula Rasa, my clean-slate vision for the future of Bitcoin.

The first part today was not too impressive, there was nothing in there that others could not have written. But it is clear the author put some real effort in putting this together. For that reason it will be interesting to read part 2 and 3 that will come out on Monday and Tuesday. I don’t expect anything new to come to light. The real Satoshi would have never used this method and he would know that nobody would believe him just on writing blog posts.

Maybe it’s just a marketing trick from a new company? For sure these posts will get a ton of attention and millions of views over the next 3 days. Whatever it is, I look forward to reading the next 2 posts. You can read them here:

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