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Crypto Cruiser

A couple of months ago after a dinner with a bit too much alcohol a friend told me about a motor yacht that was for sale. In the middle of the night I took a look at it and loved the boat right away. The next morning I decided to check it out in daylight (and without the effect of alcohol) and the boat still looked good.

I mentioned the boat to my business partner Sean and pitched him the idea to buy it together and charter it out. At lunch we walked over to the boat and within a day we decided to make an offer. Long story short: we are now the proud owners of a 67 feet West Coast Custom motor yacht that we named Crypto Cruiser.

We have been chartering the boat out for the past couple of weeks through word-of-mouth, but now we also set up a website for Crypto Cruiser: The boat is fully equipped for day- or evening cruises, or for multi-day cruises in the Pacific Northwest. The boat has even been to Alaska already, but you can also opt for shorter cruises along the Sunshine Coast, Vancouver Island or Desolation Sound. For day cruises Indian Arm is a popular destination, just like Bowen Island, Gibsons or Gambier Island.

If you’re licensed you can rent the boat as a bareboat charter, but most people opt for one of our professional captains. We also work with catering companies that can provide both food and staff. For private parties we had a DJ on board already and for corporate parties we have had several catered evening cruises around Vancouver.

The price for a charter starts at $2750 per day excl. cleaning, captain and fuel, or $16,500 for a one week cruise. If you’re interested please get in touch with the owners representative, Matthew Martin at Bay Assist Marine Group at You can also ask me directly of course but I don’t do any of the bookings myself.

Check out the website and let us know what you think:

Happy boating!

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