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Scott and Elaine’s first piano recital

Scott & Elaine ready for the piano recital

This weekend Scott and Elaine had their first public piano performance during a recital for the Canada Music Week. Scott, who is 6 years old, started playing piano just over a year ago, in October 2013. Elaine (5 years old) tried piano for a few weeks last year but she was too young and started again this summer, so she now has about 4-5 months of piano experience.

Canada Music Week program with Scott & Elaine!

They have lessons once a week (next to all their other extracurricular classes and their daily homework), but practice at least 30 minutes at home every day, with Grace as their substitute teacher.

Elaine during her first piano recital

The kids liked to dress up for the event and were not nervous at all. The only one who seemed to be nervous was Grace!

Scott during his first piano recital

After their performance they got some flowers from us and they were really proud of that. On Saturday Scott and Elaine will have their next piano recital, so they are studying hard on another piece this week.

After the piano recital

Links to their performance on YouTube: Elaine’s piano recital and Scott’s piano recital

Embedded videos of their performance:

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