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Bitcoin in 6 minutes

A couple of months ago Rutger van Zuidam told me he was working with some friends on a project to create a short animated video that would explain the concept of Bitcoin to people new to the technology. I liked the idea immediately, because understanding the basics of Bitcoin is hard and most resources on the Internet assume that people know what Bitcoin is and what it can be used for. Today the video was officially launched, you can see it here in English and here in Dutch (both links on YouTube).

The result is great and will send it to friends or business relations who ask me about Bitcoin, something that happens several times per week. The video explains that Bitcoin is much more than just a currency (Bitcoin as money is actually just the tip of the iceberg), how it works and what the technology can be used for.

There are some great examples in the clip, among others about using Bitcoin technology to reduce healthcare costs (by assigning some bitcoins specifically for certain care), and about Bitcoin trust that allows a vending machine to order new goods on its own when they run out and even pay for the products itself.

Even if you know a lot about Bitcoin already it’s an entertaining video. And if you’re new to Bitcoin this educational video is a must watch. Enjoy and spread the word!

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