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Fast Moving Targets talk show about Bitcoin

Yesterday I was a guest in Dutch Internet talk show Fast Moving Targets again (the same show I appeared on about a year ago). It’s a show that’s broadcast live from Amsterdam each Tuesday night at 9 pm, and the audience is encouraged to interact via Twitter. The show is always quite lively and fun, with the presenters drinking a Palm beer during the program. I actually wonder if Palm sponsors them?

Anyway, yesterday the topic was ‘Bitcoin for beginners’ and because I write so much about Bitcoin on Facebook, Twitter and on this blog I was invited to join the discussion. I am based in Vancouver so I called in via Skype video, which worked well. The program was fun as usual, discussing the basics of Bitcoin and answering questions from the (sometimes skeptical) audience.

Interesting was that presenter Roeland Stekelenburg realized right before the program started that he had bought some Bitcoins about a year ago. So while waiting for the show to start he was trying to find back his virtual wallet (he did not even know where he had set it up) and right when we started he found it back. It turned out that the EUR 100 that he had put in was now worth over EUR 1000, so that was a good start of the show for him! To show how fast and easy Bitcoin is he then transfered a small amount to Rutger van Zuidam, which arrived in his Rutger’s wallet immediately.

Unfortunately the show is in Dutch, so most of the people reading this blog won’t be able to watch (or better, understand) it. But in case you speak Dutch I embed the YouTube version of Fast Moving Targets below. If you want to watch it on YouTube, the link is here. There will likely be a follow-up show where we will go into a bit more detail about Bitcoin and where Peter Verhaar (a Dutch banker who Twittered during the show that he does not understand why the Euro is not good enough) will also join the discussion.

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  1. Watched the video last night. Very interesting. Most difficult part is indeed to set up and use a wallet. I am in the process of trying to. If that would be substantially easier it would become more interesting for more people. I will follow the developments around bitcoin closely.