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How a top chef fries an egg

PAUL PAIRET’S EGGS from Limelight Studio on Vimeo.

Two of my favorite restaurants in Shanghai are both run by chef Paul Pairet: Ultraviolet and Mr. & Mrs. Bund. I am very impressed by his cooking style and how he presents his food, and I hope one day he’ll set up a restaurant in Vancouver (unlikely, I know).

So when I saw a video on Shanghaiist on how he fries an egg – one of the few kitchen activities that I can pull off as well – I wanted to watch it. And indeed he makes an art of it. Things like not toasting a piece of bread in a toaster, but using fire to burn it. Not using butter but frying lard before adding the eggs. You probably get what I mean. The video inspires me to be a it more creative while frying eggs for the family on Saturday morning. And it also inspires me to have dinner at either Ultraviolet or Mr. & Mrs. Bund during my next trip to Shanghai!

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