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From Shanghaied to Vancouvered

Old format of my blog ( Shanghaied Weblog

After almost 3 months in Canada it was time to rename my blog. I got a couple of emails and comments from people who found my blog through Google or in aggregators, and did not understand why most topics are suddenly about Canada instead of China. Well, to end the confusion I changed the name of this blog from Shanghaied Weblog to Vancouvered Weblog. Not very original, but until I find a better name it should suffice. I also changed the text of the side box, so it’s clear that I don’t live in China anymore. 

Because the honeymoon phase of living in Vancouver is almost over (the first 100 days of our stay here end on June 9), it’s probably also time for a post about the pros and cons of living and working here versus being in China. Hint: I love working and living in Vancouver, but I do miss Shanghai and its exciting but challenging business environment. I may join the board of a Chinese Internet company in a few weeks, so I will be back more often in the second half of the year.

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  1. Still need to change the name in the head section:

    Marc van der Chijs’ Shanghaied Weblog

    keep blogging!

  2. You’re right Michiel, will change that as well.