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Holland Herald

Interview with me in this month's KLM inflight magazine Holland Herald

I was featured in this month’s edition of KLM’s in-flight magazine Holland Herald. I had seen the article in my Facebook timeline already but had not seen the magazine itself.

My dad flew to Vancouver today to help with the arrival of our household goods container and gave me a copy. Or actually 3 copies, the biz class was half empty on today’s flight so he took 2 more for me. I probably won’t fly KLM this month, so it’s nice to have the original magazine. I have been reading the Holland Herald for years on my KLM flights and I’m honored that they contacted me to for an article – especially considering the fact that I have been quite critical of them in the past (just do a search on this blog).

The interview was done a couple of months ago already and I don’t really remember it anymore. But I do remember the photo shoot: the picture was taken on what was likely the coldest day of the year in Shanghai. I was literally freezing during the shoot on the Bund: it was very windy (you can probably  see that from my hair) and with the windchill factor it was far below zero. I was glad it was over so I could warm up with a hot coffee in my office!

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  1. If you bring a copy I’ll sign it, ADM 🙂 .
    BTW, when are you going to be in Vancouver next? Would be good to catch up.