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Fresh snow on the mountains

One of the perks of living in Vancouver is the incredible view from most of the city. This morning when I woke up I looked from my bedroom windows out to Bowen Island, where the first rays of sunshine where just lighting up the top of the Mount Gardner. To my surprise there was fresh snow on at least the top 200-300 meters of the hill (which is 719 meters high), something that I  had not seen over the past 2 weeks since I moved into my new place.

View from the XPCP office in Vancouver

View from the XPCP office this morning

I am now in my office and also from here you can clearly see that there is fresh snow on the mountain range north of the city. The white trees against the blue sky are a beautiful sight. The Cypress Mountain website shows there has been 5 cm of new snow overnight (and a total snow depth of 442 cm!). The ski lifts are open until 10 PM, so maybe I should hit the slopes tonight?

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  1. How much snow does it take for Vancouver and it’s suburbs to start closing schools or delay opening?

  2. Would a 3-4 inch snow event be enough to do it falling the night before?

  3. Schools normally don’t close here because of some snow 🙂