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CNN article about why I am leaving China

CNN article - why I'm leaving China

After I wrote a post a couple of weeks ago on this blog about why I had decided to move from Shanghai to Vancouver, a CNN journalist contacted me and asked if I wanted to write an article for about the reasons why I wanted to leave.

I did not mind and the article was published today. Especially on Twitter quite some people are talking about it, mostly positive but some people also question why I needed to write this. Last year there were some ‘famous’ farewell China posts (among others this one from Mark Kitto), I guess people compare my piece to those ones and don’t like to see more of them.

I hope the message came across that I still think quite positive about China and believe in its future, but that I just don’t think it’s the right place to live right now with a family when you have the choice to live somewhere else.

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  1. Unfortunately, Marc, I feel many of the same sentiments as you do. The business side I am willing to accept, as the opportunities are too good. However, the question is… is it worth it? Or can you say the business has been so good that it is time to cash your winnings and leave the table.

    The pollution has been so shameful lately. Actually, for the last 3 years, my family and I have packed up and moved to Thailand or Bali for 3-4 months a year because of pollution issues. We have also been helping more clients sell to Chinese travelling there, but frankly the main reason is the pollution.

    Canada is a fabulous place. I did my undergrad in Montreal and long for the clean air and sane policies.