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Christmas Tree

Decorating the Christmas tree

I can’t believe it’s already December, the past couple of months have flown by. Scott was happy to see on the calendar that it’s December, because his birthday is later this month and he can now count how many nights he will still have to sleep until his 5th birthday.

And because it’s December it’s also time to decorate our Christmas tree. We decided not to use the same tree that we had for the past 2 years but buy a new one. We normally plant our tree in the garden after Christmas, but because this tree fell over during a typhoon in August it doesn’t really stand straight anymore. So we bought another tree, not a typical Christmas tree but this one we liked it a lot.

This morning we decorated it with the help of the kids, and now the house starts to have a real Christmas atmosphere!

Our Christmas tree

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  1. Your tree looks like Norfolk Island Pine. Don’t
    think it can take Shanghai winters outside. I had
    one for a number of years (inside) in Chicago.

  2. Good to know, didn’t really consider that when buying the tree…