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Shanghai Marathon Propaganda

One week from today the Shanghai Marathon will take place and this year the organization discovered that they can send out mass SMS to non-Chinese participants. A few weeks ago it already started by out of the blue telling me that I had to pick up my start number at a certain location. That message probably should have been sent next week but they broadcast it too early.

A few more messages followed and now the organization started to send out ‘tips’. They are so hilarious that I wanted to share them with you. Maybe Chinese runners appreciate this, but I can’t take a marathon organization serious that reminds me of things like ‘marathon strengthens physique and pleasures body and mind’…

Shanghai Marathon keeps on spamming participants with dumb tips

Or this one from last night asking me to ‘make a self assessment’ because ‘caring life is everyone’s responsibility:

Shanghai Marathon keeps on spamming participants with dumb tips

Interesting is that all messages so far came from different phone numbers, so you can’t even block their spam SMS. I hope the organization of the race will be more professional than these messages and better than the mess they created so far.

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