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Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving 2012

We just finished our annual Thanksgiving dinner, this time at home in Shanghai. We had invited Danny and Cindy with their 2 kids, and Grace’ parents are visiting, so we had quite a big group. We started with a bottle of Champagne (Bollinger, which I start to like better and better) and some snacks. We had ordered a turkey with all the usual side dishes which arrived exactly on time, and had fantastic dinner. Danny brought a good bottle of French Pinot Noir, which went well with the food. We ended the dinner with home made chocolate cake with cups of hot chocolate (and a bit of Scottish whisky for the taste). I felt as stuffed as a turkey after finishing all the food.

For me Thanksgiving feels like the beginning of the holiday season, so for the first time this year I put a Spotify Christmas songs playlist on my Sonos. There is so much choice of Christmas songs on Spotify that I can listen to different albums and artists every night until Christmas, I love it. After dinner the kids played and watched a Sinterklaas movie, but at 9 PM Danny’s kids had to leave (the schools are open as usual tomorrow). Danny stayed a bit longer and we had a few glasses of old Port wine, always a good drink to end the night with. Thanks for joining Danny & Cindy, and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Thanksgiving 2012

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  1. We had a great evening too, Marc. Interesting to have our first thanksgiving dinner taking place in China. A nice tradition tough, think we can easily adopt 🙂 Thanks again for the invitation, also on behalf of Cindy.