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I am on the cover of Sprout Magazine this month

Today Sprout magazine, a Dutch magazine for entrepreneurs, came out with its new edition for which they interviewed me – and they put me on the cover! I’m very honored that they did this of course.

The full article (in Dutch) including some more pictures is here.┬áIt’s mainly about my career so far, my current activities & plans for the future, and how doing business in China for foreigners is changing.

I still remember the photo shoot with photographer Mick Ryan quite well. My last shoot with him (for the China Business Daily, see one of the pictures from that article here) was in my office, but this time he opted for Nanjing Road. No big deal, except when the shoot is in the middle of Shanghai summer when it’s way too hot to be outside. I normally like photo shoots, but I was happy that this one was over and that I could go back to my airconditioned office.

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