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Blue skies in Shanghai

I often complain about the pollution in Shanghai, but since we came back from our holiday the air quality has been almost perfect. The pollution is near zero at the moment according to the US Consulate in Shanghai.

Best air quality ever in Shanghai?

This morning there were still a few clouds when Scott’s swimming teacher came over, and I was watching him get his daily lesson at the pool with Elaine.

Elaine at the pool while Scott gets a swimming lesson from his teacher Peter

But in the afternoon the sky was completely blue. There was a bit of wind that made the outside temperature of 36 degrees Celsius a bit more bearable.

Scott and Elaine at the pool, the sun is too bright fro them

The kids spent a lot of time in the water today and I did the same. I even got sunburned, something that did not happen to me during my holiday!

The best way to cool off on a hot summer's day is in the pool

The weather will stay good over the next couple of days, too bad I will leave Shanghai again on Tuesday – to a place where it’s even warmer than here and where there is zero air pollution (but maybe no reliable Internet)!

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