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Room with a view

View from hotel room over Central Park

Sometimes hotel rooms have good views and sometimes they have great views. The hotel I booked in New York this time, The Helmsley Park Lane Hotel, fits into the latter category. Our suite has by far the best views I ever had over Central Park!

View from hotel room over Central Park

When I arrived last night it was almost dark, so I could not really see it. This morning it was foggy, so I still could not really enjoy the views over the park, but this afternoon when I came back from my meetings it is quite sunny and the views are just amazing.

I stayed in many hotels in NYC over the years, but this is likely one that I will come back to regularly from now on. For me a location close to Central Park is important because I normally always run there in the morning. Next to that the service should be good (that’s the case here, even though we had some issues at check-in) and rooms should be quiet (hard in a city like this, but because of the location next to the park and the high floor I did not wake up once because of noise). Highly recommended!

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  1. Spectacular! I’d love to see this view for myself. Do you remember which floor you were on?

  2. I don’t remember the floor Kevin, but I think it was right below the top floor.

  3. Thank you, Marc. I am anxious to try it before it’s demolished (2019?) to make way for more luxury condos.