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Public figure?

Someone added a Facebook profile for me as a public figure...

Just now I was checking my messages on Facebook and noticed that 2 “Marc van der Chijs” profiles popped up: My regular one and one for me as a ‘public figure’. I was surprised, not only because I don’t really think that I qualify as a public figure (not sure what definition Facebook uses for this?), but also because I was not aware of the page and of the fact that someone else can set this up for you.

Basically I now have 2 profiles on Facebook, one that’s my own and the new one that I don’t have have access to. I don’t understand how this works, therefore this post, maybe someone can help. Does this mean that the person who set it up (I wonder who did this?) is the only one that can add content to this page? If I can’t add or delete content I would rather not have this page. Or can I just link it to my main profile? I did a quick check online but could not find much about this. If you have any info please leave a comment or send me an email at marcvanderchijs (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks!

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  1. probably someone trying to impersonate you
    better tell them to cancel it

  2. It’s a wikipedia page put on Facebook. Strange ! And what’s the use ? You should contact Facebook & Wikipedia and ask what happened and how to avoid in future it happens to others in your position as well

  3. It’s set up as a Facebook Page and usually only page administrators have or can grant access to the page content. Since you already have a profile on Wiki, they may think it’s only fair to set up a page on FB. You can contact FB customer service to see if they’ll help you connect with the administrator, but they may not provide the service. Or you can “Like” the page, and the administrator may get in touch with you when they see you “Like” it.