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Tudou announces enhanced video sharing platform for Weibo

Tudou logo 土豆LOGO中文白底I don’t mention Tudou a lot on my blog since I am not involved in the company anymore, but the latest Tudou news is quite significant, so I decided to share it here.

Tudou announced on Friday that it is launching an improved platform for Sina Weibo users to seamlessly share and upload Tudou videos. In case you don’t live in China: Sina Weibo is the Chinese Twitter and has over 250 million users, and mother company Sina owns a significant share in Tudou.

In addition, Sina Weibo users who are not registered with Tudou, but who wish to share their videos with Tudou’s users, will automatically become a registered Tudou user. Their user account names at Tudou will be identical to their Sina Weibo account names. Sharing functionalities enable users to sync comments and discussions on both platforms.

In the press release that was sent out about the deal Gary comments on this:
“We are building a more powerful video user ecosystem. The Internet’s core strength lies in creating and sharing information. Sina Weibo creates strong interaction between its users, and Tudou generates deep emotional connections between Internet users and content. Creating and sharing content is at the core of the Internet, and Tudou’s cooperation with social networking sites such as Sina Weibo is a powerful combination which will deepen consumers’ online video and sharing experience.”

An excellent deal for both Tudou and Sina IMHO. Tudou’s stock shot up after the news and ended up over 16% higher than Thursday’s close.

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