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DailyMile 2011 Stats 2011 report

Next to Facebook and Twitter there is only one other social network that I check and update almost every day: DailyMile, the social network for runners (and bikers, rowers, etc.), that I have been using since 2009. I log all my runs here, describing how I felt and where I ran, and I follow what kind of runs my friends and family (my dad and sister are also on here) are doing.

I love to read the updates of all my friends here and it often motivates me to put on my running shoes (or better, my Vibram Fiver Fingers) and hit the road or the treadmill. I especially like the stats they provide, and just like last year DailyMile sent all its users an overview of their activities in 2011. Today I got mine, and I decided to post a partial screenshot on my blog.

The patterns are pretty clear, I ran a half marathon race in late April, so I trained seriously in the weeks before that. Then I relaxed a bit until I started my training for the New York marathon in June/July. In September I had an injury so I didn’t run for a few weeks and then I pushed hard again in October with 172 km of training during that month, before the 6 November full marathon. Thanks for the overview Dailymile, it’s nice to see my aggregate training results.

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