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Photos Shanghai Half Marathon 2011

Running over the Nanpu bridge during the Shanghai Half Marathon 2011

During most of the big races in the world photographers take pictures of the runners and put them online so you can order them. For the Shanghai Half Marathon I ordered a CD with my pictures on it (price: RMB 298 for about 25 photos, which is less money than a single picture at the New York Marathon costs) and I received it a couple of days ago. They also put some general pictures of the race on there, quite nice to get them actually. Below a few pictures of me during the race.

Shanghai Half Marathon 2011

Start of the race at the Bund with the Pudong skyline in the background

Shanghai Half Marathon 2011

On the EXPO 2010 grounds close to the China pavilion

Shanghai Half Marathon 2011

Easy running! As you can see I run on my Vibram FiveFingers, not on normal running shoes

Crossing the finish line of the Shanghai Half Marathon 2011

Giving it all in the last meters before the finish line. Gross time 1:36:05, net time 1:35:53

Giving it all at the finish line of the Shanghai Half Marathon 2011

Going to the limit while crossing the finish line

Right after the finish of the Shanghai Half Marathon 2011

But two minutes later I feel great again for the post finish photo!

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  1. Wow!

    I may have to try Shanghai Marathon again.
    I ran it in 2006 and it was my worst
    marathon experience by far. Hardly any
    spectators, got stopped by bikes and cars
    crossing against us, had to run on expressway next to fuming cars in traffic jam.

    But we stayed in Peace Hotel at start and it ended next to our compound near Minhang Sports Park so I could walk home. These were best parts.

  2. Hey Marc! A friend of mine just showed me your blog. I also ran the half marathon and had no clue that I could photos afterwards. (It was my first) Where did you order yours? En wat een leuke blog, hoor! (Ik ben een Amerikaanse maar mijn man is een Nederlander! Ik heb ook vijf jaar in Nederland gewoond.)

  3. After the race I got a flyer (I think it was also in the bag that we received before the start) with a website for the pictures. Can’t find it here anymore, but if I come across it again I will post it here.