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“A Friend’s Departure” – Horrible China Daily headline today…

"A Friend's Departure" - so that's what the China Daily calls a mass murderer...

I don’t regularly read the China Daily, except when Elaine is featured on the front page or when Air China has no other English papers available. Today’s headline confirms why I stay clear from this paper as much as possible. How in the world can you call an insane mass murderer who starves his own people a friend? It’s a shame.

I am not naive and know this is the Party’s English mouthpiece, and that China considers the DPRK an ally. But the China Daily should know that its average reader is not a Party member and likely sees the dead guy more as Dr. Evil than a friend. I wonder if this will cost them any readers. At least the US online version of the China Daily had a more balanced headline.

The US version of the China Daily has a more balanced headline than the China paper version

Also the Shanghai Daily had a more diplomatic headline today with “North Korea: Nation in grief for Dear Leader”.

Shanghai Daily's headline is more diplomatic than the China Daily

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  1. I am totally agree with you

    when i saw the headline i was shock and confused how in the world would anyone call him a “friend”

  2. There is a difference between a “newspaper” and a “mouthpiece”, so the above-mentioned coverage is not surprising at all. Much more interesting was what happened in Russia. Kremlin said nothing after death of Vaclav Havel, whose funeral was later attended by political elite of the world. But immediately after the news about Kim’s death spread, Medvedev and Putin sent their condolences to North Korea. I think that says everything about their values and also, that West should remember that when dealing with them.