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Happy Birthday Marc! – From Google

Google Doodle: Happy Birthday Marc!

Today is my birthday. Every year I wonder what media will be used most to congratulate me. A few years ago it used to be the phone, then it was email (remember the e-greeting cards?) or SMS, then Twitter and this year it’s almost only Facebook. Interesting to observe this shift.

It also reflects the social media I use most for communications – well, not completely true, email is still #1, but nowadays I am more on Facebook than on Twitter. Let’s see if that’s still the case next year or whether Google+ will have taken that position.

Talking about Google, just now I went to by coincidence (I normally use the Chrome address box to search) and what do I see? A Google birthday doodle. I was really surprised by this and wondered what web celebrity would share my birthday. So I hovered my mouse over the graphic and the text “Happy Birthday Marc!” appeared. Then I got it: when you’re logged into Google and open on your birthday this doodle will automatically appear. Pretty cool, I had never heard about this actually. Is this something new or has it been around for a long time already?

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  1. It’s been there for a while now. One of my friend got this about a year ago (not really sure about the time, but definitely months ago).