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Tudou listing ceremony on NASDAQ

Today was listed on the NASDAQ, almost 7 years after Gary and I founded the company! No time to write a post, so just a couple of random pictures that I took today.

Grace and me with NASDAQ listing certificateGrace and Marc with the NASDAQ listing certificate

Dream it, Do it, NASDAQI love the slogan: Dream it, Do it, NASDAQ

Tudou listed under TUDONASDAQ welcomes Tudou on Times Square!

The Tudou team on Times SquareClosing ceremony, can you spot me?

Tudou logos all over Times Square!More Tudou logos on Times Square

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  1. Today someone on facebook asked whether someone knows tudou, I do was my answer 🙂


  2. congrats you from the bottom of my heart. Following your blog since 2007 but hardly comments but can’t resist my self to say congrats on this occasion

  3. Congrats, Bravo. Good to see that a steady workflow and a goal works! Good luck with the rest.