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My blog is suddenly very slow

Since a few weeks the speed of my blog is a lot slower than it used to be. If you’re on a fast Internet connection you may not really notice it, but I now even got an email from a reader complaining about it.

Because I did not change any settings in WordPress and my hosting provider has not changed I had no idea what the problem was. But then UnitedStyles CTO Joop Dorresteijn noticed that the pictures cause the long loading time. It turns out that during my holiday I probably changed some settings in Flickr (where I host my pictures), and each time I now use a Flickr picture on my blog it does not load the 640 pixel version but the original high resolution picture – meaning normally 2-3 MB per picture. I will reverse the settings in my Flickr account, so from now pictures should be smaller again.

There is no quick fix to change the source file of the pictures in older blog posts, but maybe I will spend some time this weekend to manually change the links for the last couple of posts (there will be typhoon anyway, so I can’t go out).

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  1. Please keep us posted on the typhoon here — and perhaps some snaps of what’s blowing on around you? Some Flip video, perhaps? ::: if I’m already making the request, that is. 😉 :::