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USA Inc.

USA Inc. - Mary Meeker's latest presentation

Mary Meeker, Morgan Stanley’s former star analyst who is now a partner at VC firm Kleiner Perkins, created a report called USA Inc. back in February this year. The report explains the financial problems in the US and then compares the country to a company (USA Inc.) and how this corporation would solve its problems.

Because since then the fiscal problems in the US have grown a lot worse and the country could theoretically go bankrupt in a few weeks, she now created a 90-slide presentation with the main points of her report. It’s well worth the read, it takes about 10 minutes if you go through the main points quickly.

After reading the presentation you’ll better understand where the biggest problems come from in the US and how they can, and should, be solved. The US needs a turnaround strategy for which big spending cuts will be necessary soon (start with low hanging fruit like Medicare), however painful they may be. After that the country should look at growing its revenue base, through taxes and economic growth.

As usual her presentation contains tons of information, but it’s delivered in an informal and easy-to-understand way. I enjoyed going through the slides a few times over the past days. If you are interested, the full presentation including notes can be found here:

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