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Travel Mask

I spent quite some nights on airplanes over the past couple of months, not something I’d recommend but something that’s unavoidable. One of the things I always wear on a plane is a travel mask. Using this gives the impression that it’s dark around you and makes sleeping a bit easier. Most airlines provide you with an eye mask, but they are not very comfortable. The elastic starts hurting after a while and the eye masks are made of cheap synthetic materials that cause me to sweat.

I never thought of buying my own travel mask. Or to be more precise, I had never even thought about the fact that you can probably buy better eye masks than the ones you get for free on every flight. But then a few weeks ago a friend of mine gave me a high-end travel mask as a present. The mask, hand-made in England by Otis Batterbee, not only looks good but is so much better than the standard masks that I wished I had gotten this luxury item years ago!

Travel mask

The eye mask is made of cotton and velvet and instead of using an elastic band to keep the mask in place, this one has a velvet string that you can tie behind your head, so it is exactly the right size. The mask is filled with lavender, meaning that there is always a pleasant fragrance when you put on the mask. The velvet and the lavender is a good combination, and the mask feels very natural when wearing it. I have tried it on a couple of intercontinental flights over the past weeks and it’s something I would highly recommend to frequent flyers.

The mask is for sale on, the link for my travel mask is here.

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