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Speaking at Creative Amsterdam 2011 this week

I will be speaking at Creative Amsterdam 2011 this week
Tonight around midnight I will fly to Amsterdam to particpate in the Creative Amsterdam 2011 conference. The event will take place Wednesday-Friday in Pakhuis De Zwijger, close to Amsterdam city center. I will give keynotes on “The Creative Industry in Shanghai” (Wednesday afternoon) and on “Dutch Digital Pride – The Story of Spil Games” (Thursday). A planned talk on “New Business Models in the Fashion Industry” was rescheduled to Friday afternoon, right before my flight back to China leaves, so I can’t do that one.

To quote the organizers of the event:

Creative Amsterdam will host leading Dutch creative entrepreneurs operating outside the Netherlands. We will celebrate the talent and hard work of these successful go-getters with a varied program: from open design sessions, business dates and export circles to talk shows, an award show and the first Open Studio Night.

Creative Amsterdam is proud of these designers, architects, artists, photographers, authors, filmmakers and other pioneers, and is delighted to offer them a stage to share their achievements and international experience, inspire others and start up new partnerships. What they have in common? Ideas and dreams that exceed our national borders.

Creative Amsterdam is more than merely three days of inspiration. The program challenges visitors to be part of the discussions and to take advantage of the business opportunities that are presented.

Coincidentally my uncle Victor van der Chijs (Managing Director of Rem Koolhaas’ architecture company OMA and also figurehead of the Dutch Creative Industry) is also speaking at the event. He will do the opening ceremony and is doing a session about entry strategies into China (OMA among others designed the new CCTV headquarters in Beijing).

Particpation costs EUR 150 per day, EUR 250 for 2 days and EUR 350 for 3 days. You can buy your tickets here.

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