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Smart marketing: Change your KLM frequent flyer card for a Lufthansa one

KLM plane from Shanghai to Amsterdam A very smart marketing idea from Lufthansa: If you are a KLM frequent flyer you can get a Lufthansa frequent flyer card at the same level in their Miles & More program. Or actually you can get an even better deal, because both KLM Gold and Platinum card holders are eligible for a Lufthansa Senator card. And you will keep your status until February 2013!

The only thing you need to do is book one return flight on Lufthansa or one its European partners, fill out a form and upload a copy of your KLM Flying Blue card.

Despite flying way too much I was downgraded from Platinum to Gold in the KLM program last year. KLM is incredibly stingy with their miles, only for full fare trips you get normal points. And of course I always try to avoid full fare flights, I prefer non-changeable non-reroutable economy or economy plus fares and then upgrade myself with points to business class (I still have over 800,000 frequent flyer miles that I can use).

So I might consider taking Lufthansa’s offer. On the other hand, I already have frequent flyer cards from 2 other Star Alliance members (Singapore Airlines and United Airlines). And for the United one I am just one or two flights away from their Premier Executive status, so the Lufthansa card doesn’t add much value for me.

But if you are a KLM Flying Blue member without a Star Alliance card you should certainly consider this offer. It’s really smart marketing and I think it might convince a lot of frequent flyers to change from KLM-Air France to Lufthansa and its Star Alliance partners. If I would be KLM I would immediately offer all Miles & More flyers the same benefits. Smart marketing Lufthansa!

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  1. Actually, this is not marketing, it’s called status match. Most (respectable) airlines do this, and it’s not necessarily advertised.

  2. @Bart Yep, I saw the tweet a couple of days ago and saved the link to read later. Didn’t know it was you anymore. Thanks for the update on KLM having the same action 2 months ago
    @Delboy Should have know that earlier 🙂 I always fry different airlines, so normally don’t get enough miles on most of them for a top status. Only one where I am always Gold or Platinum is KLM because they are the only ones flying directly to Amsterdam from Shanghai.