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Using an iPhone again

Replacement for my Nexus One: the iPhone 4

For more than a year I have been using the Nexus One Android phone. That’s probably a record for me, because I used to change phones every 6 months or so. It shows I really liked the phone and especially the Android operating system. Before the N1 that I had been switching from iPhone to Android and back (first an iPhone 1, then the G1 (the first Android phone on the market), then back to an iPhone for 6 months and when the Nexus One came out I switched back to Android). I felt the Android OS was better than iOS and I liked the fact that it’s more open than Apple.

But over the past months I had problems a few times with my N1, and I started thinking whether I should not get a new phone. I use my phone probably 2-3 times as much as an average person, so after a year it’s not unusual that it starts to malfunction a bit. The problems started when I suddenly lost all my contact data a few weeks ago and I was not able to retrieve all names and numbers anymore. This was a major nuisance and for the first time I realized that if you edit phone numbers on your phone they are not automatically synced in your Google contacts (most phone numbers I lost were ones that I put in manually during the past year). This is something I never ever had with iOS.

Then I started to have battery problems: after upgrading to Gingerbread my battery time suddenly halved. After turning off some background applications that use a lot of energy (you can see that in Android) it improved a lot again, but it was not as good as before. Not a reason to changes phones yet, I actually considered changing my battery (something you also can’t do with an iPhone). But then a major problem occurred 3 weeks ago: suddenly I could not hear people who were calling me anymore… It did not happen all the time, but only with some calls –

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  1. Hi Marc,

    My Nexus One is still going strong after a year of heavy use, but I changed the battery recently and rooted it early to install custom Roms such as Cyanogenmod that supports openvpn (useful in China).

    I also wipe the battery stats from time to time as I keep flashing new roms to try.

    Enjoy your Iphone 4. I’m looking for an Ipad as it supports Skype video and my wife is a total technophobe. When we move to Europe later this year she’ll need something appliance like to help her keep in touch with family in China.

  2. Seems we had a similar experience. Big fun fan of facetime and wakemate. Ahh the future is bright 😉

  3. i was wondering how could you spend your time writing such a long passage just about your feelings on telephones as an entrepreneur, aren’t you guys very busy all the time?