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Take out sushi attracts no lunch crowds anymore

Today's sushi lunchbox (price: about EUR 5)

About once a week I pick up some sushi from the take-out place in the basement of the Raffles shopping mall on People’s Square (the place is called Sushi Take-Out, right next to my other favorite Beard Papa’s). Tasty sushi for a decent price, most pieces are RMB 2 to RMB 3 per piece. The box above cost me RMB 43, less than EUR 5. So far I never got sick, so despite the low price they seem to use good fish and have decent hygiene standards.

The take out restaurant used to be packed at lunch time and you normally had to wait in order to make your choice of sushi. But since the Japanese nuclear disaster it looks like the lunch crowd is avoiding the place. I am sure they don’t import the fish from Japan at these prices, so I wonder why people are so worried. But I now have all the time I need to choose my favorite kinds of sushi and the staff even packs and carries it for me. I hope the place will survive, with the current number of clients I am afraid they won’t be able to keep up their business much longer…

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  1. You will really love Taiwan then, even cheaper (equivalent of 1 to 2RMB, even for the red tuna) and incredible quality.