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Over 1 million views on my Flickr account

More than 1 million Flickr views!

Today I was looking at the stats for my pictures on Flickr and I was surprised to see that I had just hit the 1 million view threshold: my pictures and picture sets have been viewed over 1 million times over the past years. On average about 500-600 pictures are being viewed per day at the moment on the site.

I put my pictures on many places on the web and I always assumed that Flickr would be the place where most people would see them. But that’s actually not the case: I just checked the stats at my Posterous account (which only contains pictures I take with my mobile phone) and there I get over over 34,000 views per month, or over 1000 per day! Stats see here: (not sure how accurate these stats are, but I have nothing better)

I don’t pay much attention to my page views actually (I like to share information but don’t do it to make money from it), but it’s interesting to see how big of an audience you can build without doing any promotion.

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