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New offices

New UnitedStyles office

Both UnitedStyles and Spil Games Asia’s game studio moved into new offices this week. A pure coincidence, but it was kind of interesting to have 2 new places to work from after I came back from San Francisco.

New UnitedStyles office

UnitedStyles’ move was not completely voluntary: the building where we had our office is going to be ‘redeveloped’, meaning that it will be demolished and something more valuable will be built there. Not a bad thing for us actually, because the new office is much brighter and we are next to our production partner.

Moving into the new Spil Games Asia office

The game studio moved within the same building to a bigger and brighter office. The old one was not bad, but this one has a lot more windows and it looks a lot better. My office is a bit smaller than my old one, but the views totally compensate for that: the Suzhou Creek is right below my window and in the distance I can see the Pudong skyline with the Oriental Pearl Tower.

View from the Spil Games Asia office

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  1. Is the view of the Oriental Pearl that good all the time? Or does the smog obscure it on some days?

    Congrats on the new move! Do you have the glassed-in office?

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