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Scott’s 3rd birthday party

On Saturday Scott gave a party for his classmates from Soong Ching Ling and for a few from last year’s nursery class in our compound. He was very excited about it days in advance already, the fact that he could play with his friends with all his toys and that they would have cake together was a very big thing for him.

Playing in the play room

To make it even more special Grace had decorated the house with happy birthday signs and balloons. For the kids we had also organized a clown who made balloon animals, they loved his performance. He arrived a bit earlier and both Scott and Elaine got a lot of balloon animals made before the young guests and their parents arrived at 11 AM.

Elaine got several balloon animals

We also hired a face painter, who was really good. Problem was that at first the kids were so excited about the toys and the clown that nobody wanted to sit down to get a painting done. Only during the last 30 minutes or so the first child ‘dared’ to get a painting. On her hand, not on ther face, but that was fine as well. Then the others of course also wanted but there was not enough time anymore for all of them.

Catering for Scott's 3rd birthday party

For food we arranged a catering service from the Green Apple, they did a great job. Among others they had 3 kinds of pasta, 3 kinds of pizza, several salads, small quiches, chicken wings, sausages, cold cuts and a lot of french fries. They even sent 2 people to man the catering station, but because we had our 3 ayis in the kitchen already that was not necessary.

During Scott's birthday party

Because the kids are so young most of their parents came to the party as well, so it was good to catch up with most of them. Many of them I see every day at Scott’s school (I bring Scott to school every day) and others I know from the pool or playground in our compound. Before Scott and Elaine I didn’t realize how many people you get to know well once you have kids. I put myself in charge of the coffee (our staff is still not able to make a decent espresso), don’t think I ever made so many coffees in one morning:)

Thomas the Tank Engine cake for Scott's birthday party

The highlight for Scott was the Thomas the Tank Engine birthday cake. Thomas is by far his favorite TV series right now (next to the movie Cars that he watched at least 15 times over the past couple of months), and he has all kind of Thomas toys as well. So when he saw the cake he was super happy.

Scott after finishing his birthday cake

After the cake most kids were getting tired from playing, running and screaming (and the copious amounts of food!), and all went home for their afternoon nap. Scott kept on talking about his party for the rest of the day, we are really happy that he liked it so much.

After Scott's birthday party was over...

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  1. Happy Birthday to Scott! Where did you get that cake marc its awesome!?

  2. Hey Scott, we got the cake made a Ichido. They are the only bakery with a license to make Thomas the Tank Engine cakes in China.