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Birthday present blooper

Grace' birthday present

Today my wife has her birthday and I decided to buy her a Kindle 3G (an e-book reader) as a present. For the past years she’s been too busy with her extremely demanding job plus our young kids so she had never had time to read a book (let alone buy an e-book reader). I figured this may be a good incentive for her to start reading books again.

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  1. Kindle 3G with unlimited books, great gift for her 🙂

    By the way, which seller did you choose for Kindle on Taobao?

  2. Forgot the name, but I chose one in Xujiahui with a good reputation. If they have a physical presence in an electronics mall and have a good reputation the chances of being cheated is low. I never take the one with the lowest price.

  3. She will be eternally thankful for the free books she now gets 🙂