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The most difficult flash game in the world?

The 50 meter mark at QWOP has a hurdle...

Our game studio makes a lot of flash games and I try to play most of them. So when I came across “The most difficult flash game in the world” on Twitter today I could not resist to try it out. I have to admit that I can’t finish many of the games that we make at Spil Games, so I didn’t expect a good result.

The game starts with a screen telling you that “You are QWOP, our small nation’s sole representative at the Olympic Games. Ideally you will run 100 meters but our training program was underfunded”. Well, that’s an understatement, because at first it’s almost impossible to get QWOP to even walk a meter. I tried a couple of times but each time I fell down. So I tried to figure out a strategy by trying a combination of keys – and eventually managed to figure out the best order to let QWOP ‘”run”.

I managed to finish QWOP!

It’s actually not that hard, and I managed to finish the 100 meters (in about 8 minutes though…), including a hurdle at the 50 meter mark and a jump right before the end. A cool game if you want to waste 10 minutes of your life. But the most difficult flash game in the world? Not really.

Play the free game here:
Or just one of the many FAIL QWOP videos here:

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