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United Styles looking for girls for photo shoot on Oct. 30 is looking for girls for a photo shoot. Next one on October 30 in Shanghai!

I mentioned United Styles a few times on this blog and in other media already, but so far never revealed what the company will be doing. is a website where a mother or a child (or the two of them together) can design kids personalized clothing and immediately see the result in 3D. United Styles will then produce the clothes you designed and mail them to you. The site is is in closed alpha at the moment, and very soon an email will go out to all the people that signed up on the mailing list with a sneak peak and with some more details about what we will do exactly.

The website will go into open beta by mid-November and we are now looking for girls in Shanghai that would like to help us with fittings and photo shoots. The next shoot will be on Saturday October 30, and we are specifically looking for girls around 98 cm, 122 cm and 140 cm. Are you interested or do you know anybody that would be interested? Please get in touch with Anna Haude at annahaude (at) gmail (com) com.

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