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Airline website the day after a plane crash

The Henan Airlines website after a crash of one of its planes

China is different from any other country, I have experienced and learned that many times over the past decade here. But even I would not expect pictures of the burning wreckage of a plane crash on the home page of the airline that crashed one of its planes just over a day after the accident.

But that’s exactly what happened: on Tuesday Henan Airlines flight VD8387 crashed during a night landing in foggy weather in Yichun (Heilongjiang), killing 42 passengers and injuring 54. And today the whole website of the airline has been replaced by a site that reminds me of an official mourning site. No links to any other information, just a message saying that they regret the crash with some additional information and phone numbers to call. To me it feels a bit creepy…

h/t Shanghaiist

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  1. I found solace when I heard that the dead didn’t commit suicide in group!~

  2. MvdC,

    I’m left wondering what Korean Airlines might have done back in the eighties with the raft of airline crashes they had in the day, before they cleaned themselves up and improved their safety rating. If the WWW was around then…


  3. this seems like a straightforward extension of ancient traditions of mourning. Disrespect for the dead is a greater crime, than any other bar none in asian cultures. If they put up a smiley face instead then i would be worried.