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China Unicom keeps on serving ads without permission

While driving commuting between home and the office I always work in my car through a 3G connection. The connection is normally fine, but what gets on my nerves are the ads that China Unicom keeps on serving. No full screen China Telecom ads anymore like a year ago, but some still cover half the screen. At least they go away after a few seconds – so quickly that you can’t even take a screenshot.

Yesterday I was driving home when I checked Spil Games’ Arabic site I opened the site and noticed a big pop-up on the lower right side. Knowing that Spil Games does not sell pop ups on its sites I knew right away that this was once again an illegal China Unicom action. To make things worse the pop-up did not disappear automatically and even caused my browser to crash (Chrome, not Firefox). At least it gave me the opportunity to take a screen shot.

This just reminded me of a picture that one of my blog readers sent me:

So at least the pop-ups are smaller now…

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  1. I was just wondering what those popups were, thinking I had some malwares or unwanted addons installed. So this is common for all China Unicom users ? (I am using China Unicom ADSL / 8M in Beijing, not 3G)